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Firstly, thanks for taking some time to read this, for my first post, I wanted to talk about something exciting.

Some of you know that I am part of a local amdram group in South Bucks. We’re volunteer run, and the majority of our membership are kids. We run two shows a year, one in the summer, and one just after Christmas.

Our Christmas panto pretty much funds our year, as we get little other income barring subs, and we’re already in full production.

This year we’re doing Robin Hood; I will be playing Little John.

As always, we’re looking for new ways to boost our ticket sales, and we found this site:

Basically, it allows us to post ONCE to your Twitter/Facebook a predetermined message to your friends/followers. If possible, if any of you wanted to sign up, that would be excellent. I know Geographically, most of you aren’t going to be in and around the area, so instead I ask that you find a local group and go to their shows when ever you can.

Our group genuinely helps people, we cater for all ages and abilities from Performing arts students, to people with special needs and so on.

There are groups like this all over the country, so if you can support your local group please do.

If you are local to my area (Iver Heath/Slough/Uxbridge/Buckinghamshire) do sign up to the link I posted above. It’ll help boost ticket sales, and please do buy a ticket or two, especially if you have children/neices and nephews etc.

I’ll leave you with a pic from panto last year, where I played an ugly sister (I’m the taller, better looking one!), just to show you how much this means to me.

Find us on Facebook here: TICKETS GO ON SALE TOMORROW!!

Thanks for reading!



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